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Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival Collage

Robin In The Hood Retrospective Exhibition

Our very first Photo Album Exhibition is a look back at the past four years of the popular Medieval Festival just in time for the 2009 Robin In The Hood Medieval Festival.

Juggler Friar Tuck and Robin Hood in the outlaw camp at the Robin in the Hood Festival. Wearing a chef's hat, Little John carries a bag of Robin Hood brand flour A man riding a unicorn and his friend

You never know who you'll meet at the Robin in the Hood Medieval Festival... jugglers, outlaws or unicorns...

Robin Hood and Crispin the Dull chat with friends in Sherwood Forest Robin takes on the sherrifs men in the Tournament Ring Nobles square off in the Tournament Ring Nobles divide the spoils

...but you know there's going to be action..

crowd watches from the bleachers A Viking Woman attacks a Noble woman The noblewoman looks very determined nobles mingle with peasants around the Tournament Ring A fighting guard enters the ring. A knife cleaves through the air in the arena. Brother and Sister warriors at the Tournament Nobility mill about behind the Herald Maid Marion watches the tournament from the royal pavillion Two fighters begin their battle with an overhead clash of weapons. A young guard makes his way through the crowd The Red Knight The Checkerboard Knight and the Green Knight charge each other Knights and nobles intermingle with a dangerously low sword thrust A Robin in the Hood cast member watches the action The audience watches raptly Maid Marion pays attention while the Inquisitor negotiates with Prince John as the two fighters rear back before the final attack the good Friar sits with some similarly equipped contemporaries The elder Knight and a youngster share a smile at the Tournament ringside. The crowd watches the tournament Three fighters wait in the wings waiting patiently for her chance to kick... glowers malevolently at anyone who falls under his gaze Nobles and squires line the Tournament ring Some visitors have excellent costumes like this man in chain mail A Griffin Shield on the edge of the Tournament Ring Harold pensively examines one of the scrolls he must announce. From this vantage point you can see the crowd spread around the Tournament ring.

If you are interested in attending this year's Robin in the Hood Festival (which will be held on June 6th, 2009) visit Robin in the Hood Festival for more information.

Remember, when attending a hot Tournament, it's especially important to stay hydrated.

the sign says swaltuo which is outlaws spelt backwards