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It's surprising how much of memory is built around things unnoticed at the time.

Barbara Kingsolver


Enhance your heirlooms: Lothlaurien PHOTOSYNTHESIS can create an individual ZOOM Portrait from a group photo.

The digital magic available for photo manipulation today is incredible, but of course it needs a dash of artistic talent, a pinch of training and mounds of practice in order to achieve results like this ZOOM PORTRAIT.


Whole School Photo ZOOM portrait

This excellent "whole school" photograph had a fingernail sized image of my father nestled in the front row. I was able to separate out this tiny picture of the seven year old (including reconstituting his concealed arm) to create this individual portrait. Since no other photos of my father from this time exist, he was simply overwhelmed.

"Portrait of a Young Man"

A portrait of Dad can come out of a family snapshot.

In the hurley burley of everyday life, we often neglect to get formal portraits made. The beauty of a ZOOM Portrait is that any reasonably good image from the overlooked era can be tweaked into the portrait you should have had taken back in the day.

"Nashville Bound"

A backstage snap can zoom into a star portrait.

Stardust is something that we can never have too much of. A ZOOM Portrait can enhance our fondest memories of yesteryear.


A family gathering can bring out a happy couple.

A family gathering can yield a previously overlooked photo of a happy young couple.

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One of the nicest features of this process is that it can help us see things differently.