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Graphic Art & Design Studio

Book Cover Art

Striking image of a nearly full moon is the background image for this cover design. Cover Art features a snapshot of the young musician Lynn Russwurm in the Golden Age

Lothlaurien utilizes striking tailor made imagery to introduce your book to your readers. The principles of design and digital imagery employed throughout the lothlaurien website can be harnassed to create the precise cover your book need.

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Lothlaurien Home Movie Cover Art

includes a the cover panel titled THE PRINCE VIDEO with a collage of images exerpted from the home movie on the back cover portion. the front cover panel is titled CHRISTMAS 2008 with the back cover displaying a selection of crimped photo matted images exerpted from the home movie.

When you've done the hard work of putting your home movies on dvd why not put professional Cover art in the DVD case?

Of course, if you prefer keep your home movie dvds in cd sized jewel cases, naturally I can create artwork to fit. As with all Lothlaurien products, you own any DVD cover art you purchase, and are free to produce as many copies as you need for all the grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins....

Lothlaurien Commercial Cover Art

The Crossover Junction band is matted in a dual blue matte

Lothlaurien designed this cover for the debut cd of the popular Blue Grass & Gospel band Crossover Junction— released by Rosedale Music in June 2009.

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A single microphone dressed in a BARN DANCE housing stands spotlit on a digitally constructed stage, the front of which is draped with the with a CANADA'S LARGEST TRAVELLING BARN DANCE banner. CD content List

The front cover art for The Best of the Barndance was the first designed by Lothlaurien. This compilation album offering highlights from 30 years of CKNX Barndance music can still be purchased on the Souvenirs page of the Barndance Historical Society and Entertainment Museum

I also designed the cover of this promotional dvd produced for the Barndance Historical Society 9th Annual Jamboree Concert.

TITLED THE BARN DANCE HISTORICAL SOCIETY PRESENTS THE 9th ANNUAL JAMBOREE CONCERT, front cover panel displays the featured performer portraits each encircled with rope borders, including Larry Mercey, Ernie King, Bill Murray, Jim Swan, Betty Beer, Doug McNall, Al Widmeyer, Andrew Ferguson, Leonard and Josh Fortier, The Lalonde Brothers, Jimmy Phair, Michael T. Wall, Grant Heywood, and Hugh Elder.  The back panel includes images of the two back up bands featured on the dvd along with audience pictures from the Barn Dance.

I had a little bit of fun highlighting the muliple talents of the Barn Dance Band in the composite image I created for the back cover.

This composite image includes multiple poses of some of the band members playing instruments.

As with all Lothlaurien products, you own any CD or DVD cover art you purchase, and are free to produce as many copies as needed for as many pressings of the cd or dvd necessary to make it through your concert tour, or to distribute your Documentary, Training Film, or TV series in perpetuity.