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Lothlaurien Digital Art


A Digital Matte Offset portrait.

Digital Art techniques can transform photographic images into artwork.


Sometimes fast moving subjects or low light conditions can leave us with less than perfect pictures. Lothlaurien Digital Art can improve many photographs using digital art filters and restoration techniques.

"Just Married"

The wedding march. The wedding march.

In spite of the fact the original photo was predominantly dark and blurry, the bride simply glowed in this "action shot".
Digital Art converted the problems into strengths, allowing the bride's incandescence to shine through.

"Soccer Ninja"

Cropped original blurred soccer action shot. Cropped original blurred soccer action shot. Three rows of soccer action shots make up this Digital Art Collage

Without Digital Art this dramatic image would have been relegated to the discard pile. Instead filter and colour alterations enabled it to become part of this dynamic Digital Art Collage.

"Dance into the Light"

Digital Art in A Picture-In-Picture Digital Matte: A Boy with a Nimbus 2000 stands beside a Hogwarts Door Crest captioned “Draco Dormiens Nunqam Titillandus” Digital Heart Matte of Digital Art Newlyweds. This extreme digitally enhanced image of a campfire has a Digital Matte to Order created from elements of the artwork. This family vacation shot taken at night was salvaged using Digital Art.

Digital art allows us to salvage important images with low light focus problems.

"Talk Like A Pirate?"

DETAIL of motion blurred Original Pirate King digital art portrait.

Digital Art techniques turned this motion blurred costume shot into an extraordinary bit of Digital Art.

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Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams