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Lothlaurien.ca/rds Logo Design Logo

Lothlaurien.ca/rds Logo Design Studio

More and more the visual shorthand of logos and brand awareness help us navigate through the ever increasing clutter of everyday life.

An image of a published “Boots & Saddles” column laid atop the Magazine cover On the left we see the original amateur design alongside the Lothlaurien professional design on the right.

Lothlaurien was asked to redesign the original amateur logo for the “Boots & Saddles” magazine column. Although logo design isn't rocket science, it does require a combination of skill and artistic ability.

Vanity Logos & Fundraiser Labels

There are times when we want to give a quantity of personalized gift items, perhaps as a "thank-you" for the volunteers in your organization, church or school group. Or maybe you're looking for that oh so special keepsake to pass out to your wedding guests or perhaps that little something for the friends and family who will be attending your annual Christmas Tree Trimming Party.

With a Lothlaurien Vanity Logo your volunteer organization can brand and repackage bulk items to make fundraising easier and more rewarding.

Label for Vanity Logo Label for Vanity Logo Label for Vanity Logo Label for Vanity Logo Label for Vanity Logo

The Movie Night gift sets Bob gives his friends are truly unique since he commissioned this set of personalized Logos from Lothlaurien to make his customized labels.

Lothlaurien.ca/rds Logos

a Lothlaurien Group Logo a Lothlaurien Group Logo a Lothlaurien Group Logo

The very first logo was for my very first corporate entity, Lothlaurien Cards. As you might expect, this is the logo which is printed on the back panel of the greeting card. Naturally the color scheme can be altered to suit the card design, and of course it has evolved over the years.

Lothlaurien.ca/rds Web Logos

a Lothlaurien Group Logo Lothlaurien Group Logos a Lothlaurien Group Logo Lothlaurien Group Logos a Lothlaurien Group Logo

As Lothlaurien expanded to offer an increasingly complex set of services, our requirements for logos for the different divisions also grew. Now they can all be found on the Lothlaurien Website.

Lothlaurien.ca/rds Blogos

A lothlaurien blogo can easily identify your blog so your readers know they're in the right place.

Thumbnail Style Lothlaurien Blogo

To see a blogo in its natural habitat visit Stop Usage Based Billing Blog

Banner Style Lothlaurien Blogo

Because blogos are custom made they can be precisely fitted to any size and shape needs.

Lothlaurien T SHIRT Logos

Block Party Logo design Block Party Logo T Shirt

While not a logo in the strictest sense of the word, this Lothlaurien T Shirt design very clearly tells the viewer what the Block Party is all about.   Which is precisely what a logo is supposed to do.   And since we particularly liked the design we decided to include it here.   Enjoy.