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Lothlaurien Web Graphics Logo

Welcome to the world of Lothlaurien Web Graphics

In web design it is usual to maintain as much visual consistency as possible, which helps unify the site and establish brand awareness. This good practice because visitors know at a glance where they are.

Of course I have not done that here.

For the Lothlaurien Web Site we've intentionally varied the look and style of the pages and sections to offer clients an idea of the skills and expertise Lothlaurien brings to a project. In this way, the entire web site functions as our brochure, since this Web Site has been entirely designed and created by Lothlaurien Web Graphics.

This site also integrates my Lothlaurien and PHOTOSYNTHESIS commercial pages with the pages I produce for fun.

So whether you're a friend, relative, casual visitor or potential customer, I hope you've been entertained during your visit.

And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

The site is almost finished, but once the framework is in place the content will continue to change regularly.

So thanks for your interest in Lothlaurien. It's open 24/7, so drop back anytime.

A butterly shows off his colours on a sunny leaf. Black and white cross hatched eye with the pupil painted bright green A high contrast filtered conflagration in a firepit. A child's drawing - original - then high contrast green & red - next in neon red on black background - finally glowing in blue neon A graphic colour swirl, bright enough to ensure a trip to the dentist. A digitally artified miniature schnauser personifies the word cute. Highly filtered and colour intensified, this diagonally placed image of a ladybug appears to be making a steep ascent. A filtered and colorized gold fish swims in the digital deep. This is a red and white print-like floral graphic. The green yoyo begins its descent from the hand above. The focus is on this a curling bit of pepperoni in this filtered image of a pizza. An etched black glass heart. Ernie's little yellow friend floats on the bright blue sea. A deep blue coffee mug rests on a on wood table