Welcome to the magical Forest of


Pull up a tree stump and commune with the elves... okay, okay... maybe there won't actually be any elves...

...but maybe.... squirrels!

A squirrel peeks out from the crook of a tree.

And there could be...

Poised for flight, our chipmunk watches from the tree trunk.
Einstein the Owl

perhaps an owl or a gull...

A Stratford (Ontario) gull

And if we're REALLY lucky we might see a mouse!!

KooKoo the Clown swings Mickey Mouse in the air.

We'll stop for elevenses with any hobbits we meet.

Frodo relaxes in a tree.

You never know who you'll meet in lothlaurien...

Frodo and Legolas.

...perhaps even an outlaw or two.

Robin (in the) Hood with the young outlaw Crispin the Dull.

lothlaurien can take us as far as Middle Earth and the One Ring (and elves!) or as near as a Sherwood Forest visit to the Robin in the Hood Festival .


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The Lothlaurien Gallery's is hosting a Digital Imaging Imagination exhibit: What the Lothlaurien Stamps Would Have Looked Like.
Check out the original pre-cropped and colour corrected photo entries, and see how brilliant they would have looked as stamps.
Also take a peek at the two greatest photos, and find out why they didn't even get entered!

Lothlaurien Gallery Virtual Button Thumbnail Collage for Lothlaurien Gallery Robin in the Hood Retrospective

The Lothlaurien Gallery's first viewing area was the online Photo Album which opened with the “Robin in the Hood Restrospective” show. This retrospective exhibition features images taken over four years at the popular medieval festival.

The Lothlaurien Gallery Photo Album is the first of three viewing areas being hosted by the Gallery. The next Gallery Room scheduled to open in September of 2009 will feature photographers, beginning with the long awaited "Karsh Korner". The Third viewing room will exhibit artwork.

Lothlaurien’s got a brand new blog!

Lothlaurien’s Lore is intended as a place to discuss digital imaging and photography, as well as interesting things that that are happening around Lothlaurien and sometimes things that happened before there was a blog. The occasional movie review will most likely find its way here as well, we’ll just have to see how things go.

So pop on over and visit Lothlaurien’s Lore on Wordpress.

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The CIRA “Show Us Your .CA” Contest Entry

The first official Lothlaurien Film is the promotional film I've just created for the CIRA contest.
You can read more about it on the Lothaurien Films page, but to actually see the film,
visit the Lothlaurien’s Lore: Lothlaurien’s CIRA contest Entry on Wordpress.


Feel free to roam through the magical worlds of Lothlaurien. Because Lothlaurien is environmentally friendly, these pages are free of pesticide, spyware, flash, javascript and pdfs. Lothlaurien will never force you to download software you don't want or need on your computer in order to view our pages.

You can view most Lothlaurien photographs in a larger format if you click on them instead of selecting "view". This helps the image heavy Lothlaurien pages to load more quickly.

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I ike large computer screens, yet most websites (even good ones!) are designed for small screens. Like these:

small webspace displayed big screen small webspace in big screen small webspace in big screen small webspace in big screen

But wide screens are becoming the standard, so one of my goals is to provide a fluid website which will fill any sized screen. So large or wide screens will be fully utilized:

small webspace in big screen web window filling screen

It's more difficult to achieve, but I think it worth the effort. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties! Thanks!


As my old pal the Friendly Giant used to say,

suspended from the tree. in the tree. Kids in the tree. in the tree. in the tree. in the tree. in the tree. in the tree. in the tree in the tree.

"Look up ⋅ ⋅ ⋅  "WAAAAAAYY UP"

I know about web page creation
I learned from

HTML and CSS tutorials, references, and articles & SOBAC Microcomputer Services

Amazingly I learned enough from these two excellent resources to be able to create the wonderful web worlds of Lothlaurien!

If you are looking for an exceptional gift, a Magic Photo might be just the thing. Check out the Lothlaurien PHOTOSYNTHESIS pages. You'll be amazed at what we can do.

photosynthesis services collage

You'll find that the Lothlaurien.ca/rds Graphic Art & Design Studio is a great place to go for graphic design work. Feel free to take a peek at what's on offer in the Lothlaurien.ca/rds web pages by clicking on the virtual button below.

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